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Professor Justin Fisher

Director of Brunel Public Policy View website

Brunel University London

When Brunel was awarded its Royal Charter in 1966 we were given a distinct purpose and an incredible opportunity. The campus was to be the home of technological education and research, championing innovation and advancement, and giving the UK the knowledge base it needed to compete on the international stage. We conceived a brand of education and research, which was overwhelmingly geared towards the needs of industry. Our ambition was to address society’s challenges on a global scale.

The challenges have changed and the University has grown to become a home to a wide range of research expertise: from engineering to social sciences, from life sciences to humanities and from business to public health and medicine. But our aims are as innovative and ambitious as they always were – to develop research and educational programmes informed by, and tailor-made for, those who benefit.

These aims are articulated in the University’s mission:

To bring benefit to society through excellence in education, research and knowledge transfer.

The University has adopted a Strategic Vision, “Brunel 2030 – A university for a changing world”. The Vision articulates our commitment to bring benefit to society through excellence in education, research and knowledge transfer. It also describes our key goals and values.

“Brunel 2030 – A university for a changing world” positions the University to deliver our strategic vision of:

‘Strengthening our position as a leading multidisciplinary research-intensive technology university delivering economic, social and cultural value and placing excellence, innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit at the heart of everything we do’.

  • True to the words of our Royal Charter, we will continue to lead and innovate with new models of research, education and knowledge transfer, placing the needs of society at the heart of our academic activity.
  • We will build on our heritage of working closely with businesses, governments and the not for profit sector to fulfil our mission.
  • We will establish strategic partnerships and commercial ventures to strengthen our position and support the University’s long-term sustainability.
  • We will be at the pinnacle of technology universities in the UK and firmly established in the top tier internationally of this special group of institutions.
  • Our success will be a tribute to our students and staff, who will share this vision and work as one to achieve it.
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