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Policymaker support

Acting as a conduit between Universities and Policymakers, UPEN helps strengthen relationships and the evidence – policy ecosystem with access to expertise and evidence at over 110 UK universities.

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Key policy organisations we work with

What we do

UPEN supports academic-policy engagement through facilitating new relationships, network access, and working across sectors to identify, create and promote opportunities.

Weekly Newsletter

Utilise UPEN’s UK-wide network by sharing calls for evidence in our weekly newsletter.

Collaborations and outreach

Work with UPEN to identify, create and promote opportunities with academia, collaborate with the academic and professional community, and develop your engagement strategies. We have supported a number of Government departments develop their ARIs (Areas of Research Interest) documents.


Access UPEN’s network and put on knowledge exchange, information sharing, or consultation events to hear from academics and professional staff. UPEN has a strong track record of showcasing departmental and parliamentary ARIs to our network. Get in touch for more support.