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Ben Sawtell

Head of Communications View website

London Metropolitan University

London Metropolitan University adds real social value to students, staff and communities. We give students the skills and opportunities to transform their lives and careers. We meet the needs of the London labour market, and our staff and students collaborate with city-wide partners on high-impact research and knowledge exchange initiatives which keep our city great.

We are also global. The education we provide prepares students to live and work anywhere in the world, from fast-paced cities to remote rural communities. We have valuable partnerships with education organisations worldwide, providing opportunities for students to access our high-quality provision in their own countries. We collaborate with a host of international organisations to support their aims, and our research has global impact.

We believe that every person in this country and across the globe deserves a chance to transform their own life and the lives of others through higher education. Education provides a catalyst for social equality. Students come to London Metropolitan University when they recognise that they are not prepared to settle for the life and opportunities that were determined for them at birth. The education we offer has changed the lives of so many of our students and, in doing so, we are helping to drive real social change and transformation in this country and beyond.

We also believe that our diversity is what makes London Metropolitan University so special. Our students come from over 140 different countries. They have different economic backgrounds, ages, family situations, ethnicities, religions, identities, abilities and disabilities. The richness of conversation and multiple perspectives that this diversity brings has an energy like no other. It delivers a truly cosmopolitan environment. It opens our minds to totally different experiences, cultures and viewpoints, challenging us all to think and to learn in new ways.

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