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Jennifer Lockett

Senior Impact Manager View website

Plymouth Marine Laboratory

A world leader in the field of marine research, Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML) is committed to the delivery of impactful, cutting-edge environmental and social science in support of a healthy and sustainable ocean.

Our research is globally recognised. We work with a broad range of partners internationally through research projects and wider initiatives, combining observational, experimental and modelling activity to provide a greater understanding of the dynamic and complex marine environment to inform knowledge-based solutions.

Through our science we contribute to achieving targets and aspirations set out in national and international directives and goals for a sustainable future. This includes addressing many of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the European Marine Strategy Framework Directive and the UK Government’s 25 year plan to improve the environment. Our award-winning science team brings extensive interdisciplinary experience and skills to every project, with particular specialisms in areas including climate change, biodiversity, microplastics, marine autonomy, technology and artificial intelligence.

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