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Professor Zoe Radnor

Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor View website

The University of Law

We are the largest provider of legal education in the UK. With a rich heritage and a reputation for innovation and contemporary teaching practices, we continuously focus on developing the best professionals of the future. All of our courses – from our undergraduate law degrees to our diverse range of business, criminology, policing and psychology courses and postgraduate programmes – are designed with a unique, varied and innovative learning approach proven to deliver self-reliant professionals who can compete in the fast changing professional world. Our track record of excellence in learning and development has helped us establish worldwide connections within the legal and business industries. Many leading global law firms and businesses work exclusively with us to develop their people, and why employers of all types want to meet students. We have a vast network in the legal industry and deliver legal training to 94 of the top 100 law firms, with exclusive relationships with 60 of the top UK law firms and many of the most prestigious US firms in the UK. We are currently enhancing our environment for applied research and scholarship incorporating a focus on professional development, knowledge exchange and equity, diversity and inclusion.

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