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Liam Sutton

Associate Director in R & I View website

University of Bradford

The University of Bradford mission is simple: to drive sustainable social and economic development through outstanding teaching, research and innovation. As a socially inclusive institution, we take seriously our role and responsibility in stimulating social mobility and creating the conditions for social, cultural, and economic impact. We play a central role in building social and economic capital, attracting and nurturing under-represented students, raising the aspirations of our young people and shaping confident alumni who make their mark in the world. Our work to expand opportunity and enable students to reach their potential has led to us topping the Social Mobility Index of English universities in both 2021 and 2022. The impact we make and collaboration we foster with local communities resonates nationally and internationally. As a civic university, we work in partnership with other HEIs and stakeholders across the region and more widely to influence policy and prosperity and to help drive economic growth and development.

Today, in 2022, the University comprises just under 10,000 students, 15.5% of whom are international, and around 1,500 staff, based within four academic Faculties. Research at the University of Bradford is applied and addresses the importance of both local and global challenges such as health inequalities and the COVID-19 pandemic, the climate emergency and sustainable development, economic productivity and the resilience of businesses and society, and the accelerating pace of technological change, including ways in which advancements in big data analytics alter and reinform our perceptions of the world.

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