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Emma Calverley

Head of Operations, Knowledge Exchange View website

University of Hull

At the University of Hull it starts with our people. We’re working collectively with partners to seek solutions, not just for our region, but for the world beyond our shores.

Using our research expertise and creative minds, we work with policy makers, businesses and communities to deliver innovative solutions to complex problems, from tackling the effects of global climate change to overcoming the challenges around modern slavery. We actively partner with governments, NGOs, communities, businesses and other organisations to inform policy, practice and public participation at a local, national and international level.

Advancing fundamental knowledge of slavery and emancipation, the University’s Wilberforce Institute brings together experts in humanities, law and social sciences to help tackle modern slavery head on. Through our research and practice, we give leaders and communities the tools they need to help shape a better future, informing policy, business practice and public debate at local, national and international levels.

At our Energy and Environment Institute, we aim to leverage partnerships and accelerate innovation pathways to ensure that our research provides the evidence base for policy makers and sets new research agendas. Future-focused, our research will guide understanding of the ways in which we, as a global community, have to live differently in order to carve out a sustainable future in which vulnerabilities are reduced, societal resilience is enhanced and standards of living are maintained and grown across the globe.

Established in 2008, our Logistics Institute is now a world-renowned centre for research, education and expertise in logistics and supply chain management. We are a leader in applied logistics research and industry outreach programmes, both national and international. Our focus is to drive sustainable growth through viable logistics.

The University’s Aura collaboration identifies opportunities to innovate and collaborate in offshore wind, to find solutions for the challenges we face from technical and operational to economic and societal, working as a facilitator and catalyst to provide ground-breaking solutions with our partners – for the region, the UK and globally. We engage with academia, industry, NGOs, and national and local government, with the aim of identifying and breaking down technical, operational and economic barriers across the supply chain to deliver a cleaner world, a healthier economy and a better future.

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