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03 March 2022, 1:06 UTC Share

Annual Conference 2022

Each year, we invite speakers from across the sector to speak on different topics in this space, alongside the UPEN Annual Lecture. This year, the Annual Lecture was delivered by David Sweeney, the Executive Chair for Research England. Many thanks to Keele University for kindly hosting the 2022 Conference. 

If your institution are interested in hosting the 2023 Conference, or you are interested in speaking at the Conference, please email the UPEN Secretariat on

See below the UPEN 2022 Annual Conference session recordings and resources.

Accessibility: All videos have been uploaded to include subtitles. 

Session 1: Chairs Intro and Welcome

Session 2: UPEN ‘Phase II’ reporting and Member Engagement

Session 3: Strategic Thinking around Policy Engagement

Session 4: Navigating the Research-Policy Interface

Lunch Session: Keele University Policy Showcase

Session 5: Creative Thinking: The Arts, Humanities and Policy Engagement

Session 6: The Equality and Inclusion Opportunity 

Session 7: International Partnerships 

Session 8: The Past, Present and Future of University Policy Engagement, UPEN Annual Lecture

View on Keele University website

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