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15 May 2024, 4:03 UTC Share

Resource Navigator for CAPE academic policy engagement toolkits

A one stop shop for CAPE’s comprehensive toolkits and guides, summing up their application and designed to walk you through what resource will be useful for you in different scenarios.

Are you looking for toolkits and templates that can help you kickstart or increase your engagement with policymakers? Do you want practice-based, easy to digest resources that you can download to support your work?

The CAPE Resource Navigator is a brief document which provides an overview of CAPE’s comprehensive toolkits and guides. To help you find the right resource for your problem, regardless of how experienced you may be, the Navigator poses a series of commonplace issues and situations that can be approached with CAPE resources. Once you’ve chosen, the Navigator give a breakdown of the resource including what it is, who it’s for, when and how to use it and include further readings from CAPE’s library of case studies, reports, and blogposts.

The following resources are currently included in the Resource Navigator:

  • ‘Engaging with Evidence’ Toolkit
  • Guide to commissioning Rapid Evidence Assessments
  • Project Scoping Template for beginning policy engagement projects 
  • Guide on co-production in regional academic-policy engagement
  • Guide on setting up a Policy Fellowship Programme for policy professionals to visit universities
  • Contracts Guidance Note for academic placements in policy organisations
  • Plus related case studies and blogs

The Navigator aims to make these resources more approachable and allow you to apply them in your own context, whether you’re trying to engage with evidence for policymaking or looking to set up a policy fellowship programme in your institution.

If you are interested in exploring further any of these resources or would like guidance and support in their application, get in touch with CAPE.

About CAPE

Capabilities in Academic Policy Engagement (CAPE) is a knowledge exchange and research project funded by Research England from 2020-2024, which has been exploring how to support effective and sustained engagement between academics and policy professionals. The project is a partnership between UCL and the Universities of Cambridge, Manchester, Northumbria and Nottingham in collaboration with the Government Office for Science, the Parliamentary Office for Science and Technology, Nesta and the Transforming Evidence Hub.

About CAPE Resources

CAPE’s resources have been developed collaboratively with their policy partners and using practice-based experience. The toolkits and guides are designed to be flexible so they can be adapted to meet the specific needs of different university and policy systems. All resources are intended as an entry point into addressing common challenges in academic-policy engagement and to inspire new and deeper forms of engagement. The CAPE team encourage practice-based feedback on all CAPE resources, to improve their efficacy and to ensure that future resources cover the needs in academic-policy engagement. Get in touch here.

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