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Cranfield is a unique place to learn. We are a specialist postgraduate university with a staff-to-student ratio that is one of the best for any university in the UK. Students tell us that our hands-on, practical approach, our specialist focus and the depth and excellence of our education, research and strong industry links are what attracts them to the University. Cranfield has a concentration of like-minded people and we attract people who genuinely want to change the world. We provide a professional environment dedicated to learning without distractions. We are flexible, allowing people to study part-time while in employment.

Our world-leading academics are passionate about their areas of expertise. The experience gained at Cranfield is transformational for both individuals and organisations alike. The high-quality and distinctive nature of our work has been recognised through numerous prizes and awards, including the award of the prestigious Queen’s Anniversary Prize in Further and Higher Education on six separate occasions.

We are home to many world-class, large-scale facilities which enhance our teaching and research. Many of our facilities are built in partnership with industry and government, fostering collaboration between business and academia. Many of our facilities are used by other universities and serve as essential national resources.

We have a long track record of working closely with business, industry and government across many different sectors. As the UK’s most business-engaged University, we are trusted to understand and to be responsive to many organisations’ needs. We pride ourselves on being flexible and entrepreneurial and have the capability to take a project from concept through to practical delivery. Our education, research and consultancy are geared to making a practical difference in the world – we solve problems and shape the future. Our impact and influence belie our size.

Much of our teaching is informed by our links with organisations and their need to generate workable solutions for the benefit of their business, their customers and society in general. Our research is relevant and is informed by our leading thinking. We work in close collaboration with many organisations to turn ideas and innovation into reality. By doing just that, we transform people, organisations and the world.

Our global reach is enhanced by our alumni and reinforced by our close links with businesses and governments across the world. The Cranfield experience connects people for life.

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